Artisan biscuitier

Cyril’s many lives have inspired him to create his originals biscuit recipes. From mining geologist in Australia to biscuitier in Belgium, his road was full of challenges and encounters.
It started off when he returned from Australia and decided to learn a new trade in pastry led by his passion for taste and his taste for passion. He had the opportunity to start his apprenticeship in Paris at the renowned patisserie Colorova, before joining the Paris baking and pastry school.
Once graduated Cyril had the opportunity to work in Brussels for different patisseries and this shaped his appetite for quality.
In early 2015, he started experimenting following his own taste and vision. Using high quality raw materials, he managed to create innovative associations that play with texture, colors, and of course taste.
By chance his path crossed David’s. David being passionate about healthy food, is immediately seduced by Cyril’s innovative and off the hook approach and decides to bring his experience of the Belgian organic market. Together, they decide on MAD LAB’s philosophy meaning the usage of only high quality and simple raw materials and engagement in the circular economy. Each of them at times being MAD at times being LAB, make conscious decisions within the whirlwind of crazy adventures.


MAD LAB’s biscuits are as independent as its founders. Nothing dictates MAD LAB other than nature and what humankind does best with it. For zero waste, Mad LAB reuses spent grain to make delicious salty bicuits. Spent grain are the cereals used for the brewing of beer. By participating in this virtuous circle and by fighting food waste, MAD LAB wants to participate in change.

And because MAD LAB respects the nature which nourishes it, all biscuits are available in bulk or in certified compostable packaging.

Our production is organic, but we are sure you had guessed, it was the minimum required.

fleur - MAD LAB


Where can I find the good stuff?

A biscuit rich in fibres, proteins and minerals and low in sugar. Because taste is important and should not be disguised by sugar. Because a healthy product can also be a source of pleasure.

Dried spent grain provides 10g of proteins and 20g of fibres more than wheat flour.
Fresh spent grain possesses 60g less carbohydrates than wheat flour.

In our atelier, we continue to work on awaking senses in order to propose to you new crazy sweetness, spiciness, saltiness or… each year the cards are reshuffled, each search for new tastes is unique.

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